Premios proyectos

Awards in projects

Awards for the best end-of-degree project, end-of-master degree project and doctoral thesis related with the theme of Technologies for Security and Defence between the students from the Schools of Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering. These awards will be selected by the Chair Monitoring Commission between the different proposals presented by the students.


Internships in companies

Plan for internships in companies oriented to the direction and support for the fulfilment of end-of-degree projects of students in the Schools of Engineering (Telecommunications, Computer, Industrial), in those topics of interest for the Chair. As well, this Plan will ease the access of students from technical degrees to the labour market.

Premios spin off

Spin-off Awards

Creation and sponsorship of the Spin-Off Awards, with the purpose of encourage the entrepreneurial activity of the students from the University of Malaga and promote the creation of new innovative companies, especially in the thematic areas related with Technologies for Security and Defence.

Apoyo a la I+D

R&D Support

Support for the creation of new collaboration agreements between the University of Malaga and AEORUM. Promotion of joint participation UMA-AEORUM in national and European projects, especially those developed in the areas of Technologies for Security and Defence. Information, knowledge and result exchange with investigation groups.

Actividades de difusión del conocimiento

Dissemination activities

Dissemination and promotion of activities. Promotion of the celebration of conventions and agreements with other Universities and Scientific and Research Institutions at national and European level. Promotion of the participation of national and international, public or private collaborative entities. Promotion of scientific publications. Support for the official Masters of the University of Malaga. National Corp of Engineer Judicial Technological Experts in Cybersecurity and Telecommunications (CNIPJ). Technical courses of expert’s report about Security and Telecommunications. Workshops oriented to technology teachers of high schools about Security and Defence Technologies and their applications.

During the academic course, the Monitoring Commission can carry out complementary activities that for reasons of interest and opportunities were not included in the basic activities detailed above.