AEORUM’s Chair of Technologies for Security and Defence is the product of the great joint activity in R+D and the close collaboration maintained between AEORUM and the University of Malaga for more than six years. This has been expressed in the joint participation in multiple projects at national and European level.

As a logical consequence of this synergy, AEORUM and the University of Malaga decided to initiate the mentioned Chair. This means the formalization of a stable collaboration framework as a sample of compromise with the innovation from both entities.

For AEORUM, innovation is the axis of its business strategy, basing itself on the in-house talent of its employees and on collaboration agreements with knowledge brokers, such as the University of Malaga.

The excellence of its investigation groups, the affinity of its technical degrees with the projects developed by AEORUM and the loseness between the work centres of both entities have contributed, over time, to the good relations between them.

With multidisciplinary and transversal vocation, AEORUM’s Chair of Technologies for Security and Defence intends to be a meeting place between people and different entities related with the Security and Defence field.

AEORUM’s Chair of Technology for Security and Defence has as its main aim the structuring of the collaboration AEORUM-UMA on four fundamental pillars:

Research, development and innovation
Dissemination of knowledge
Transfer of knowledge to society